FL Teknik is an expert in development and production of innovative solutions for industry and business.

We develop tools, robots and machines which can relieve the company’s employees for heavy lifting, bad work positions, dangerous work in high altitudes, in a bad climate, dangerous work in tunnels deep underground, under water and work where there is a danger for landslides and collapse.

It can be machines which can work in the dark, rain, cold or underwater where the visibility is poor. These particular factors can delay a big process longer time than necessary. In these situations it may not be possible for humans to work safely. The robot can in these scenarios work, complete the job faster and minimize the costs. 

Our products can complete these operations without any danger of human damage or attrition.We develop suited solutions based on the client’s needs and requests. This applies to both product development of prototypes, tests, implementation and then mass production, together with adaptation and service. 

We develop products which contains robots, hydraulic, pneumatic, PLC controllers, electronic, engines and blacksmithing. When the client comes with a task, we help in the development phase with ideas and drafts to complete solutions.Our clients are in the wind turbine business, oil- and gas, industry companies together with small and medium sized companies with production of any kind. These are all companies which requests optimization and development of new technology.

FL Teknik ApS

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